After many years managing premier brands at global, Fortune 1000 companies, Matthew Sawyer worked at three early-stage businesses. All were founded by smart, accomplished people, and several of these companies had clear technological advantages. Yet each company stalled, as sales hit a plateau or a decline, as they were unable to penetrate new markets.

We know that many of us fail because we can’t generate sustainable revenues. Can you help us?”   - CEO of tech company

So, Matthew set out to understand why early-stage and foreign-based companies struggle and to learn ways to overcome obstacles when entering new markets. Since he taught college courses on business strategy and entrepreneurship, he first dived into books and articles, including Geoffrey A. Moore on the difficulty “crossing the chasm” between early adopter to more mainstream markets. While this literature provided valuable insights and frameworks, they didn't provide actionable answers.

He then teamed up with a former colleague, Rob Goldberg, who ran a successful new products consulting firm called Stages of Innovation LLC. They researched many USA and foreign-based companies in a wide range of categories, and they identified five essential requirements for companies to grow beyond their early success. Then, from talks with CEOs and Investors, they learned these requirements are just as valid with larger, more established companies.

“Every business needs to think and act like a startup if they want to continue to grow and survive."   - Angel Investor

Matthew and Rob then enlisted Bill Uscatu to add creative design and writing expertise. Bill had worked on many leading B2B brands, including Avaya, Federal Express, IBM, and Goldman Sachs.  

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