Get traction entering and expanding in USA markets

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Rocket Market Development

You wouldn’t go on a trip without a map and a desired destination. So why enter a new business market, expand into a new country, or launch a new product without clear directions and strategies for success?

RMD provides quick and reliable, fact-based answers about where your next area of business growth will come from and how to get there. We turn this market intelligence into actionable strategies to gain traction. We also help companies find and manage resources to implement Go-to-Market strategies.

We specialize in helping:

  • B2B companies

  • International companies

  • Technology-driven businesses

  • Financial services firms

  • Early-stage companies

By providing actionable and cost-effective:

  • Market intelligence and Research

  • Brand Positioning strategy

  • Content and Communication strategy

  • Market Growth and Expansion strategy

  • Executive Consulting and Support

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Strategic Consulting

We then utilize the market and competitive intelligence to create smart and effective strategies to gain traction.  

   ·      Go-to-Market strategies

   ·      Strategic communications

   ·      Customer journey & CRM

   ·      Content and Digital Marketing

     ·      Product Roadmaps

   ·      Pricing strategies

   ·      Performance analysis and optimization

Market Intelligence

Virtually all RMD projects start with primary and secondary research into markets, competitors, and prospective customers. our proprietary methodology delivers market intelligence and actionable strategies, typically in 6-8 weeks:

   ·      Competitive analysis

   ·      Identifying market segments

   ·      Market sizing

   ·      Understanding market dynamics

   ·      Determining product/market fit

 ·        Investigating pricing thresholds

   ·      Validating assumptions and opportunities