Getting Fit to Enter a New Market

“The #1 company-killer is lack of market,” reports Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful venture capitalist. Andreessen believes that companies, particularly early-stage technology companies, need to identify a substantial market and to deliver a product that can satisfy that market. This is particularly true —yet difficult to achieve — for foreign-based companies attempting USA expansion.

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Primary Reasons Companies Fail To Enter USA

It’s hard for USA companies to be successful in the USA market. It’s even harder for companies based in Europe, Asia, and other continents to achieve sustainable profits in the USA. Competition is fierce, costs are expensive, and consumers are uncompromising in their demands for technology products and services.

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Matthew SawyerComment
4 Ways to Use the Tactical Innovator’s Market Map

Tactical innovators assess their environment through the lens of a Market Map and listen to needs through the voice of the customer, enabling a proactive response to any market change.  I would argue that for every type of business, there are at least two paths to growth: (1) compete more effectively within existing segments or (2) identify new, high value segments where you can be successful. 

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