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Branding & Strategic Communications

Our people have launched over 20 brands in categories ranging from consumer products to business-to-business and financial services. From advertising to public relations and social media, we can craft effective communications strategies and execution.

Content & Digital Marketing

Content is critical for establishing and nurturing relationships with B2B prospects and partners. We have extensive experience in both content and digital marketing for organizations ranging from FORTUNE 500 to startups.

Lead Generation

We create strategies to generate high-quality prospects using integrated marketing tactics. In some cases, we partner with telemarketing, SEO and SEM specialists to execute lead generation programs.

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Research through both primary and secondary sources is fundamental to every RMD project. We have the expertise and proprietary processes to accomplish this in rocket-speed and accuracy. 

Market & Customer Journey Mapping

A core service is to provide a landscape of the market(s), which lays out all of the market factors and dynamics for strategic development. This is also helpful for bringing senior management and investors onboard. 


We identify and validate market opportunities, and we then create strategic recommendations and messaging that position products and services for success.

Product Roadmaps

By identifying opportunities in the market, RMD can put together strategies for introducing products and adding features. We put this into a timetable (or roadmap) for guiding new product introductions and replacements.

Validating Assumptions

To improve the chances for success BEFORE spending significant money, RMD tests and validates assumptions, particularly on market sizing and acceptance